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We build technology for the factories of the future

We are the global leader in post-processing solutions for industrial polymer 3D-printing that turns 3D-printed raw parts into high-value products. From perfect fit eyewear to personalized car interiors, our technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday life. Starting in 2015 with the first industrial coloring solution for powder bed fusion parts, we extended our portfolio with advanced part cleaning and surfacing solutions for a wider range of 3D-printing technologies in the field of plastics. Today our Print-to-Product workflow combines industry-leading hardware with the widest range of color and surfacing options on the market. Our systems are applicable for Industry 4.0 and can be integrated seamlessly into various production processes. The ability to provide a flexible solution for both small batches and high volumes makes us a trusted partner for your future factories.






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Meet the DyeMannschaft

With our unique technology for industrial 3D-printing, we have established ourselves as the global leader in what we do. Such a step is only possible with the right team. Young, colorful, open-minded and with a big passion for their work. Meet the faces behind DyeMansion.  

Join our journey

Dive with us into the innovative world of 3D-printing and actively shape a dynamic company in a fast-growing market. You can expect multifaceted work in an international and modern working environment. 
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With our innovative technology we are turning the manufacturing world upside down. Together with our customers and partners we are giving the future a colorful, more sustainable home. 
About us

We care about the future

Sustainability is one of our core values that drives us and each of our innovations.  


From basement experiments to the global market

It all started in a small cellar in Munich with 3D-printed smartphone covers and cooking pots. Today, over 600 customers worldwide benefit from our post-processing technology for 3D-printed polymer parts. Travel back in time with us and learn more about the most important milestones on our way
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We formalized our strategic partnership with HP to tackle joint market analysis and provide end-to-end solutions that seamlessly integrate into users' operations, unlocking new applications and offering mutual support and advice.

HP will market DyeMansion's post-processing workflows as a preferred solution for customers to achieve large-scale production of final parts. Together with HP, we will focus on delivering high-quality, scalable and eco-friendly solutions in additive manufacturing.

Introduction of the AM I Navigator

The Additive Manufacturing Industrialization Navigator (short AM I Navigator) charts the course through the complexity in industrial 3D printing for how companies with varying levels of industrialization in additive manufacturing and different application requirements. The AM I Navigator Initiative was introduced at Formnext 2023 by leading additive manufacturing companies – Siemens, DyeMansion, BASF Forward AM, EOS and HP. It’s holistic maturity model shapes the stages of industrialization in the AM industry, increasing interoperability in additive manufacturing.

1000 Systems sold
We are elated to mark a momentous achievement - the sale of our 1000th machine to Zeiss Vision Care. Founded in 2015, DyeMansion has grown exponentially and now boasts a team of 95 dedicated employees who share a vision of enabling the era of digital manufacturing. The team started with the introduction of the first industrial coloring solution for SLS parts, and since then, we have continuously expanded our portfolio. Today, we are leading the global post-processing market in our category.
Product launch Powerfuse S PP
Our new Powerfuse S PP is the first ever green vapor polishing solution for highly industrial manufacturing and surface improvements beyond aesthetics to smooth 3D-printed polypropylene. The sustainable VaporFuse VF44 EcoFluid PP is 100% bio-based and readily biodegradable as well as non-toxic: no PFAS, non-CMR, non-vPvM/PMT.
Partnership announcement with HP
Specific to the new HP Jet Fusion 5420W, HP is working closely with us to offer connected post-processing workflows for finishing and coloring white parts produced with the new HP solution. We are providing a wide range of vibrant colors with high color consistency, and different finishes depending on your application needs.
Partnership announcement with Nexa3D
Together with Nexa3D, the maker of ultrafast professional and industrial polymer 3D-printers, we have announced our strategic partnership to automate end-to-end AM workflows – from printing to finished parts. This partnership will leverage our automated post-processing hardware, the high-throughput capabilities of Nexa3D’s QLS 820 printer, as well as the printer’s Siemens PLC integration and powerful NexaX for QLS manufacturing software.
Introducing DyeMansion 360° Digital Services
Your central point for all digital services at DyeMansion. Our new DyeMansion Workflow Center is cloud based and offers you monitoring and analytics in a web browser application which is ready for you to use right away through plug and play. The DyeMansion Data Connect, provides you with on-site machine and process data for MES/ERP systems, which means that none of your data leaves the premises. Our DyeMansion Remote Service enables maximum uptime through direct troubleshooting, more efficient collaboration through targeted support and reduced resources with a fast and efficient remote service. 
Introduction of the Powerfuse S PP

We unveil the industry’s first machine for vapor polishing polypropylene parts. The specially developed solvent for PP materials is green as well as biobased and fulfills DyeMansion’s principle of economic sustainability.

DyeMansion receives fresh funding by EIC Fund & EIB

The European Innovation Council (€ 4 million) and the European Investment Bank (€ 11 million) both invest in us and we have appointed two new board members – Felix Reinshagen and Peter Nietzer.

Introduction of the limited edition DM60 Black Line

DyeMansion announces a special limited edition of our proven DM60 combined with a DM60 Reservoir. It is modified and purpose-built to focus on the black coloring of grey Powder Bed Fusion parts such as HP MJF or Stratasys SAF.

Different levels of smoothing & FDA certification for VFS
Ready-to-use parameters for different levels of smoothing with our Powerfuse S. The VaporFuse Surfacing process is now compliant with FDA’s food contact regulations
We joined forces with Stratasys, a leader in polymer 3D printing solutions, to deliver a complete industrial additive manufacturing architecture for end-use parts. The reference architecture outlines a process for using additive manufacturing to mass produce 3D-printed end-use parts with consistently high-quality and priced competitively with traditional manufacturing processes.
We revealed during our first digital world premiere the totally new Powershot Performance series alongside a new generation of our classic Powershot C & S models.
The industrialization and automation of the entire Additive Manufacturing value chain is a major task that can only be accomplished together. Through this new global partnership with Siemens, we are perfectly positioned to further spearhead the transformation of manufacturing.
We have been selected by the European Innovation Council (EIC) for the Horizon 2020 program to fulfill the European Climate Goals with our Powerfuse S.
Nordic Alpha Partners (NAP) from Denmark joins our existing investors UVC Partners, btov Partners, KGAL, and AM Ventures.
In summer 2020, we launched the largest industrial Post-Processing Platform for Additive Manufacturing worldwide – featuring all our production and sales partners.
We developed the the first ever color range with 17 vibrant colors that bring grey HP Multi Jet Fusion parts to life.
Worldpremiere Powerfuse S
As every year, Formnext 2019 was an important milestone for us. During our first official press conference we unveiled the new Powerfuse S system. It’s the system behind VaporFuse Surfacing, the first clean vapor technology for injection-molding like surfaces. The Powerfuse S complements our existing Print-to-Product workflow and opens up completely new fields of application for 3D- printed products.
Strategic Partnership with ALSO
In autumn 2019, our strategic partnership with ALSO became public. Together we signed a contract for the Europe-wide distribution of our systems. Besides our systems, ALSO offers more than 550 vendors of hardware, software and IT-services access to over 100.000 buyers, who can call a broad spectrum of other customized services in the logistics, finance, and IT services sectors, as well as traditional distribution services. Among their portfolio are also solutions from HP and Materialise. Together with ALSO we organized the first "Open Mansion Day" for potential resellers at our HQ in September.
First authorized reseller in China
The partnership with YUNS, our first authorized reseller in the Asia-Pacific region, is an important step in our global expansion. Together with YUNS we can offer the complete AM process chain in the Chinese market and enable new applications with 3D-printing. YUNS not only distributes our systems, but also provides consulting services and supports our service organization on site in China.
With the launch of our extended color line ColorsX including special offers for automotive and lifestyle products, we responded primarily to the requirements of our customers. The launch was marked by the colors Automotive BlackX, a light and heat resistant color for automotive interior parts and four new neon colors.
In order to offer our customers more finishing options, we presented a new surfacing process at Formnext 2018 - VaporFuse Surfacing, the Clean Vapor technology for parts challenging injection molding. The process works sustainable and safe for users and their environment. It is particularly suitable for flexible plastics that require sealed surfaces.
Make three out of one: After the seed funding from AM Ventures, two new investors joined us in September 2018. The financial investors Unternehmertum Venture Capital Partners (UVC partners) and btov Partners followed AM Ventures and supported us with a $5 M Series A funding. This allowed us to further expand our global business and to extend the Print-to-Product workflow with new products.
DyeMansion North America Inc.
In May 2018, we laid the foundation for our market presence in the United States by founding DyeMansion North America Inc., attending the first 3D-printing events in America and establishing a local team on-site.
DyeMansion and EOS, the world leader in industrial 3D printing systems, have been in a strategic partnership since November 2017. Our partnership combines the production and post-processing of 3D-printed products. EOS not only uses our Print-to-Product workflow at its headquarters in Krailling or Pflugerville, TX, but also supports us in serving customers around the world. Until today many exciting customer projects have already resulted from this partnership.
With many new ideas from Silicon Valley and valuable feedback from our first customers, we used the phrase DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow for the first time in the fall of 2017 when we talked about our three systems for cleaning, surfacing and coloring of 3D-printed plastics. In combination with the DM60, the Powershots complemented our product portfolio so well, that we were able to offer our customers an end-to-end process chain for the post-processing of their parts From the raw part to a high-value product! With this complete solution we quickly became the world market leader for Additive Manufacturing finishing systems.
With our innovative hardware product portfolio, we stood out from the crowd amongst many other German startups in 2017 and won the German Accelerator Tech, a program of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology to promote German tech startups on their way to the US market. We took our first taste of American air and spent the summer of 2017 with experienced mentors in Silicon Valley in preparation for our market launch in the United States. It was a very educative and inspiring time!
It quickly became clear that 3D-printed end-use applications require more than just color. In order to improve the surface quality of the plastics and reduce the amount of manual work our customers have to do, we expanded our product portfolio in November 2016 with the world premiere of the DyeMansion Powershot series. A year after the market launch of our DM60, this system was also launched during Formnext in Frankfurt.
Increasing incoming orders in the On-Demand service, the expansion of the DyeMannschaft and our big plans for the future naturally needed their place. We found it in summer 2016 with our new mansion in Planegg near Munich. Since then, we call the 2500 square meters including laboratory and storage space our mansion.
Less than nine months later, we celebrated the world premiere of our first own hardware system at the Formnext exhibition in Frankfurt. There we presented the DM60 as the world's first automated coloring solution for 3D-printed plastics and won the Formnext Start-up Challenge with the system. Following the exhibition, we started a pilot phase with selected customers such as FKM and Materialise.
Every vision needs someone to support it. Dr. Hans Langer, founder of EOS, the global leader in industrial 3D-printing systems, recognized the potential behind our vision and invested in spring 2015 through his investment holding AM Ventures. Arno Held's team encouraged us during the development phase of our industrial colouring solution and provided crucial food for thought on our first steps.
Since then, the whole team has been working on the development of an industrial coloring solution, leaving the smartphone cases behind. Trindo became DyeMansion (to dye = coloring, mansion = house) and an on-demand coloring service was launched - DyeMansion customers were able to have their 3D-printed plastics dyed in the Munich "DyeMansion" from then on.
Our story started in 2013 in a small cellar in Munich. Felix Ewald and Philipp Kramer founded the 3D-printing agency Trindo and sold 3D-printed smartphone covers in the corporate design of large companies – but what would be the story of a startup without some initial difficulties? Trindo had to take back the first 200 smartphone cases as the color faded and dyed their customers’ trouser pockets. During the search for a solution, the two young founders quickly discovered the great potential of a technology for the industrial coloring of 3D-printed plastics. The idea to develop an own coloring solution was born.


We transform the manufacturing industry

to enable the era of digital manufacturing and ​a world where 3D-printed products become part of our everyday life.

We will live in a world with superior products, which are tailored to consumer needs and are manufactured as well as delivered in a sustainable way. To achieve this, we are developing leading industrial post-processing solutions. We serve our customers with those world class solutions for every 3D-printed end-use application. Together with our customers & partners, we set-up the factories of the futures. From perfect fit eyewear to personalized car interiors, our technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday lives and enables the era of digital manufacturing.


Together on a mission

At DyeMansion, we believe in the positive impact of industrial 3D-printing. To achieve our vision, we made it our mission to develop leading post-processing tech industrialization and set up the production lines of tomorrow together with the best companies in the world. Fulfilling on this mission is a challenging task. To accomplish this some basic ingredients are needed. Having the right team and principles as a company is a fundamental part of it.

At DyeMansion, we take responsibility for our company and our customers. The customer always comes first for us. All our decisions are based on the premise that our customers and our company will benefit from them in the long term. 
We act as a team, making decisions with mutual support and trust. We talk with each other, not about each other. Problems are communicated openly and in a timely manner. Even in challenging times, we work with one another to overcome any obstacle. 
We aspire to be the world ‘s best and set ambitious goals to achieve this. This requires great commitment and fighting spirit from each of us. However, we never lose the joy in what we do. We are proud of what we have already achieved and celebrate our successes. 
We welcome different ways of thinking and create teams with individual strengths. We are aware that change is part of everyday life on our journey. This allows us to open new opportunities, to continuously evolve, and to achieve the best possible change for a sustainable and green future. We strive to build a diverse workforce to help us elevate as a unified team. 
We are always ready to forge new and better paths into the future and to find solutions for seemingly impossible challenges. To do this, we dare to experiment. We take responsibility for the outcome, even if we have to openly admit to our mistakes. We learn from our mistakes and grow from them. 
Together, we want to make a difference and broaden our horizons in the process. We don‘t make excuses. We are prepared to leave our comfort zone and practice what we preach. We never stand still; speed is our fuel. 


From perfect fit eyewear to personalized orthotics or midsoles for the footwear industry, our technology makes 3D-printed products become a part of our everyday life.

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