With our unique technology for 3D-printed plastic parts, we have established ourselves as a global world market leader in just three years. Such a leap only works with the right team spirit. For us at DyeMansion, this team spirit means passion, curiosity, and the opportunity for each individual to make a significant contribution to our corporate development.

  • Felix Ewald
    Felix Ewald CEO & CO-FOUNDER
  • Philipp Kramer
    Philipp Kramer CTO & Co-Founder
  • Kai Witter
    Kai Witter Director Global Sales
  • Frank Nuding
    Frank Nuding Director Global Service Operations
  • Jingyi Yuan-Steiner
    Jingyi Yuan-Steiner Director Region APAC
  • Daniel Stroh
    Daniel Stroh Sales & Operations, North America
  • Maximilian Kraus
    Maximilian Kraus Sales EMEA
  • Philipp Ratza
    Philipp Ratza Application Consultant EMEA
  • Greg Gracki
    Greg Gracki Sales Partner Manager EMEA
  • Michael Vollmuth
    Michael Vollmuth Inside Sales
  • Manuel Roth
    Manuel Roth Inside Sales
  • Johannes Karl
    Johannes Karl Head of Finance
  • Benjamin Pham
    Benjamin Pham Finance
  • Monika Fischer
    Monika Fischer Finance
  • Dominik Roth
    Dominik Roth Purchasing
  • Rahel Damaschun
    Rahel Damaschun Human Resources
  • Michaela Pischetsrieder
    Michaela Pischetsrieder Human Resources
  • Pia Harlass
    Pia Harlass Head of Marketing
  • Charlotte Höltzig
    Charlotte Höltzig Marketing
  • Franziska Roth
    Franziska Roth Supply Chain Management
  • Benjamin Pammer
    Benjamin Pammer Logistics
  • Markus Neininger
    Markus Neininger Product Development
  • Max Spes
    Max Spes Product Development
  • Alexander Rossmann
    Alexander Rossmann Product Management
  • Manuel Fürst
    Manuel Fürst Quality Management
  • Patrick Moungang
    Patrick Moungang EHS Management
  • Dr. Alena Folger
    Dr. Alena Folger Research and Development
  • Tibor Näther
    Tibor Näther Process Engineering
  • Julius Legenmajer
    Julius Legenmajer Product Development
  • Lukas Erdt
    Lukas Erdt Product Development
  • Fabian Pöllath
    Fabian Pöllath Director of Production
  • Kathi Spes
    Kathi Spes On-demand finishing service
  • Chiara Brown
    Chiara Brown On-demand Finishing Service
  • Constanza Oszwald
    Constanza Oszwald On-demand Finishing Service
  • David Kalusche
    David Kalusche Technical Service
  • Florian Betz
    Florian Betz Technical Service
  • James Georg
    James Georg Technical Service
  • Lucas Gaderbauer
    Lucas Gaderbauer Technical Service
  • Robert Deininger
  • Gabi Pammer
    Gabi Pammer Feel Good Manager
  • Espresso Machine
    Espresso Machine Workaholic

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