Our story started in 2013 in a small cellar in Munich. Felix Ewald and Philipp Kramer founded the 3D-printing agency Trindo and sold 3D-printed smartphone covers in the corporate design of large companies. With our unique technology for 3D-printed plastic parts, we have established ourselves as a global world market leader in just five years. Such a leap only works with the right team. Meet the faces behind DyeMansion here.

  • Felix Ewald
    Felix Ewald CEO & CO-FOUNDER
  • Philipp Kramer
    Philipp Kramer CTO & Co-Founder
  • Kai Witter
    Kai Witter Chief Customer Officer
  • Paul Kastner
    Paul Kastner Chief Financial Officer
  • Bernhard Bartsch
    Bernhard Bartsch Head of Sales, EMEA
  • Maximilian Kraus
    Maximilian Kraus Key Account Manager
  • Tanja Gradl
    Tanja Gradl Inside Sales
  • Nils Raschke
    Nils Raschke Application Consulting
  • Jonas Koopmann
    Jonas Koopmann Application Consulting
  • Greg Gracki
    Greg Gracki Regional Sales Manager, North & Eastern Europe
  • Lorenzo Raschi
    Lorenzo Raschi Regional Sales Manager, South & West Europe
  • Michael Schorr
    Michael Schorr Head of Application Consulting, North America
  • Joshua Amrani
    Joshua Amrani Senior Vice President Sales, North America
  • Birgit Fräckem
    Birgit Fräckem Inside Sales, North America
  • Joe Dedvukaj
    Joe Dedvukaj Channel Manager, North America
  • Joseph Vattimo
    Joseph Vattimo Direct Sales, North America
  • Lester Hitch
    Lester Hitch Application Consulting, North America
  • Jingyi Yuan-Steiner
    Jingyi Yuan-Steiner Region Director, APAC
  • Nils Raschke
    Nils Raschke Application Consulting
  • Jonas Koopmann
    Jonas Koopmann Application Consulting
  • Alexander Rossmann
    Alexander Rossmann Head of Product Engineering
  • Piotr Ramczykowski
    Piotr Ramczykowski Head of Product Development
  • Manuel Fürst
    Manuel Fürst Product Engineering
  • Julius Legenmajer
    Julius Legenmajer Product Engineering
  • Lukas Erdt
    Lukas Erdt Product Engineering
  • Maximilian Spes
    Maximilian Spes Product Engineering
  • Markus Neininger
    Markus Neininger Product Engineering
  • Daniel Matschke
    Daniel Matschke Product Engineering
  • Joscha Innecken
    Joscha Innecken Product Engineering
  • Thomas Lober
    Thomas Lober Automation Technology
  • Guillermo Kimura
    Guillermo Kimura Product Engineering
  • Valentina Menne
    Valentina Menne Product Engineering
  • Valentin Grabmaier
    Valentin Grabmaier Product Engineering
  • Melina Michels
    Melina Michels Product Engineering
  • Dr. Alena Folger
    Dr. Alena Folger Head of R&D
  • Christian Harsch
    Christian Harsch R&D
  • Annick Hemmerling
    Annick Hemmerling R&D
  • Alex Berchtold
    Alex Berchtold R&D
  • Constanza Oszwald
    Constanza Oszwald R&D
  • Laura Zainer
    Laura Zainer R&D
  • Dr. Fabian Herz
    Dr. Fabian Herz R&D
  • Mirko Bahrenberg
    Mirko Bahrenberg Innovation Management
  • Dr. Alisa Rosenfeld
    Dr. Alisa Rosenfeld Innovation Management
  • Dr. Bianca Aas
    Dr. Bianca Aas Patent Management
  • Tibor Näther
    Tibor Näther Head of DyeMansion On-Demand Services
  • Katharina Spes
    Katharina Spes On-Demand Services
    YUSUF KARACINAR On-Demand Services
  • Daniel Majerz
    Daniel Majerz On-Demand Services
  • Marius Virtic
    Marius Virtic On-Demand Services
  • Kenan Ibrahimi
    Kenan Ibrahimi On-Demand Services
  • Katharina Irl
    Katharina Irl On-Demand Services
  • Lena Frehe
    Lena Frehe On-Demand Services
  • Ramata Niane
    Ramata Niane On-Demand Services
  • Nelson Turek
    Nelson Turek On-Demand Services
  • Yelitza Gomez
    Yelitza Gomez On-Demand Services
  • Frank Nuding
    Frank Nuding Director Global Service
  • Florian Betz
    Florian Betz Technical Service
  • David Kalusche
    David Kalusche Technical Service
  • Lucas Gaderbauer
    Lucas Gaderbauer Technical Service
  • Dominic Heider
    Dominic Heider Technical Service
  • Florian Börner
    Florian Börner TECHNICAL SERVICE
  • Dominik Kahl
    Dominik Kahl Technical Service
  • Keith DuBose
    Keith DuBose Technical Service Manager
  • Brian Stricker
    Brian Stricker Technical Service
  • Eric Mares
    Eric Mares Technical Service
  • Pia Harlass
    Pia Harlass Head of Marketing Communications, Brand & Experience
  • Elena Mitina
    Elena Mitina Channel Marketing
  • Kelly Han
    Kelly Han Customer Experience
  • Cornelius Schilkowsky
    Cornelius Schilkowsky Product Marketing
  • Robert Simbeck
    Robert Simbeck Content & PR
  • Monica Yee
    Monica Yee Partner Relations & Brand Management
  • Dominik Oehler
    Dominik Oehler Events
  • Ronja Schulze
    Ronja Schulze Supply Chain
  • Timo Herbert
    Timo Herbert Procurement
  • Johannes Garke
    Johannes Garke Logistics
  • René Wendel
    René Wendel LOGISTICS
  • Johannes Karl
    Johannes Karl Head of Finance
  • Stephanie Jörg
    Stephanie Jörg Finance
  • Michaela Sontheim
    Michaela Sontheim HR
  • Rahel Damaschun
    Rahel Damaschun HR
  • Patricia Massingue
    Patricia Massingue HR
  • Oliver Baumgärtel
    Oliver Baumgärtel Assistant to the management team
  • Hedwig
    Hedwig Office Dog
  • Espresso Machine
    Espresso Machine Workaholic
  • Arno Held
    Arno Held AM VENTURES
  • Robert Gallenberger
    Robert Gallenberger BTOV PARTNERS
  • Laurits Bach Sørensen
    Laurits Bach Sørensen NORDIC ALPHA PARTNERS
  • Rasmus Lund
  • Benjamin Erhart
    Benjamin Erhart UVC PARTNERS
  • Christian Kramer
    Christian Kramer Business Angel

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