We have experience with more than 125 different materials, so the chances are very high that we can work with your material.

The most common, PA12, PA11 and TPU materials, are available as a standard. For more information about compatible materials or information about your specific material get in touch with our experts

Since DeepDye Coloring is an infiltrative process, it is not possible to dye grey parts in bright colors. While color matching possibilities for custom colors are limited, chances are high that we have the right color for you. Have a look at our standard color range for grey-base parts or get in touch with us discuss further color options.

Good to know: All colors can be found in our Infosheet Color Database

Compared to other smoothing technologies like tumbling or grinding, VaporFuse Surfacing process does not remove any material.
No. Since DeepDye Coloring is an infiltrative process, no additional layer is added to your parts through dyeing.

We have very informative videos that provide deeper insight into our technology and processes. You can find them all on our DyeMansion YouTube channel.

Or check out the information directly on our product pages:

Powershot C,
Powershot S,
Powershot Dual Performance,
Powerfuse S,


This is very easy. Simply contact us via our contact form, choose your finish and we will assist you with everything.

Good to know: For further information and to ensure the best possible outcome of your benchmark, have a look at our TryMansion Guidelines

Please only send us uncleaned parts that have not been depowdered. With our PolyShot Cleaning process we will take care of depowdering your parts.


Get in touch with us for a pricing overview. We look forward to finding the right finish for your application or for those of your customers.

If you have any questions about our other services or our products, please use the contact form.

We have prepared an On-Demand Finishing Order Form with all the information needed. Please fill it out and choose your desired finish and color. Finally, send us your depowdered parts. We will take care of the rest.

Good to know: For further information and to ensure that your parts ready for us we have complied all relevant details for you in our On-Demand Finishing Guidelines

Ideally, the eyelet is positioned so that the weight of the part is transferred evenly while hanging. Depending on the weight and material, the eyelet must be sufficiently sized. In the case of flexible materials, we recommend stronger eyelets in order to be able to absorb the weight of the part.

For further information and to be sure to prepare the parts best we have complied all relevant details for you in our On-Demand Finishing Guidelines. If you have further questions with regards to the positioning, please use the contact form.

Our On-Demand Finishing Service includes surfacing and coloring. It does not include cleaning. Therefore, all parts should be shipped completely depowdered. In case you are not cleaning your parts with the Powershot C we recommend a minimum distance of 30 cm from the nozzle to the part at a maximum beam pressure of 3 bar when manually blasting. Excessive radiation causes the surface of the part to “burn” and, in the case of glass blasting media, glass breakage on the surface can occur. Both can negatively affect subsequent surfacing and coloring.
The standard delivery times for On-Demand Finishing orders are 2-3 days. In the case of large orders delivery times will be communicated individually.
No. We only offer DyeMansion Print-to-Product workflow finishing.

We cannot print your parts, but are proud to have a large global service provider network that can support you in printing and finishing your parts – from prototyping to high-volume production.Have a look and find your partner on our Partner Platform

The maximum size for

  • PolyShot Cleaning & PolyShot Surfacing is approx. 300 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm (L x W x H). Larger parts are possible when switching to manual operation.
  • VaporFuse Surfacing approx. 570 mm x 300 mm x 270 mm (L x W x H)
  • DeeyDye Coloring approx. 390 mm x 360 mm (Ø x H)

For further information and to be sure your parts are compatible with our processes we have complied all relevant details for you in our On-Demand Finishing Guidelines


No. The machine has to be installed by a DyeMansion technician or equivalent DyeMansion Qualified Partner, otherwise the warranty becomes void.

Schedule your installation of the machine now or find a partner nearby.

Ideally the machine is maintained every year to ensure longevity of your system for years after purchase and to ensure the warranty validity.

Schedule your next maintenance.

To ensure warranty we highly recommend the maintenance of the products by a DyeMansion technician or equivalent DyeMansion Qualified Partner.

Find a DyeMansion partner nearby.

Our systems are Industry 4.0. ready and with the standard workflow our systems can be installed remotely. Our experienced technical service team will guide you through each step of the installation, saving you the cost of an onsite visit.
Please contact our general support email and we will respond to your inquiry shortly: support@dyemansion.com

How can we help?

Get in touch with us! We are pleased to find together the right finish for your application or the one for your customers.​
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