DM60 Add-on solutions


Whether you’re looking for a solution which ensures consistent dyeing results with purified water or a sustainable solution for re-using process water from black dyeing, the DM60 Reservoir and ROS are here to make it easy.

DM60 Reservoir

DyeMansion’s sustainable solution for high-volume black coloring.

With the DM60 Reservoir add-on for the DM60 you can save time, money, and protect the environment. The tank lets you re-use your black dye from previous cycles while still maintaining the highest color quality for your parts.

Up to 30% reduction of lead-time
Up to 37% reduction of costs per run
Reuse the process water for up to five dyeing cycles

It’s that easy with the DM60 Reservoir

Scan special L-R cartridge at the DM60

Insert L-R cartridge in the basket

Start a run

Start 4 more black runs without using a new cartridge

dyemansion-icon-product-deepdye-coloring-dm60-reservoir-outline@1.5x DM60 Reservoir
What it does Storage and reuse of previously used black dye water for quicker process times
Compatible with DM60, DM60 Black
Efficiency Up to 30% reduction of the regular DM60 cycle time (150 minutes)
DM Black L-R: 105 minutes
DM Black L-R FL: First run 96 minutes, run 2-5 only 65 minutes
Capacity Up to five black dyeing cycles with one DM Black L-R cartridge
Integrated storage tank 60l | 15.8gal
Color options Black only
Dimensions system (L x W x H) 385mm x 350mm x 1640mm | 15.2inch x 13.7inch x 64.6inch
Recommended space requirement ( L x W x H) 1850mm x 1800mm x 1700mm | 72.8inch x 70.9inch x 67.0inch

360° VIEW

Take the DM60 Reservoir
for a spin

Increase your production and lower your costs with the DM60 Reservoir.

Reduced costs and lead-times

Flexible use

Sustainable solution

Reduced costs and lead-times

The DM60 Reservoir is the perfect companion to the DM60 for customers looking for high-volume solutions for black coloring. The DM60 Reservoir reuses a previous cycle’s dye, meaning that dyeing jobs can be completed in just over an hour and a half. And due to reusing the process water up to five times less cartridges are needed.

Flexible use

Because the DM60 Reservoir stores process water for black coloring for future dye jobs, you can quickly use other colors in the DM60 between your black batches.

Sustainable solution

Possibility of reusing the process water for up to five dyeing cycles, the consumption of fresh water and the amount of waste water are considerably reduced.

ROS (Reverse Osmosis System)

The easiest way to ensure that your water is ready to be used in the DM60.

The ROS removes impurities from your water source giving you more consistent dyeing and at the same time preventing mineral buildup in your DM60

Works with two DM60s at once
Purified water extends the life of your DM60
Ensures consistent dyeing results



“For me, the ROS was a no brainer. Getting clean water for my dyeing process assures I consistently have good quality coloring, which is essential in the consumer goods field.”

Thierry Krick, Engineering Manager at Bauer Hockey

“It is always amazing to us what volume of components fits into our DM60 and can be dyed five times in the same quality with one L-R cartridge. We are fascinated and in love at the same time. Thank you DyeMansion for this great combination of DM60, ROS and DM60 Reservoir.”

Bernd Weiskircher, Managing Director at W-3D
dyemansion-ros-icon-outline-white-810x810-full ROS
What it does Create the water quality necessary for dyeing
Compatible with DM60, DM60 Black
Supply capacity Supplies two DM60 with demineralized water
Water treatment Up to 500l/h | 132gal/h
Storage tank 200l | 52gal
Dimensions system (L x W x H) 1305mm x 800mm x 1690mm | 51.4inch x 31.5inch x 66.4inch
Recommended space requirement (L x W x H) 2400mm x 2000mm x 2000mm | 95inch x 78.8inch x 78.8inch

Reproducible dyeing results

User-friendly solution

Extent your DM60’s life

Reproducible dyeing results

The ROS ensures that you have consistent water quality resulting in reproducible dyeing results no matter where you are.

User-friendly solution

The ROS can be integrated into the Print-to-Product workflow at any time and is the easiest way to make sure that your water is ready for dyeing parts.

Extent your DM60’s life

The ROS protects your DeepDye Coloring Equipment from limescale deposits; ensuring a stable dyeing process and significantly extending the service life of your machines.

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