Powershot S

The leading blasting system

for end-use parts with a superior finish.

Most efficient surfacing technology
Semi-glossy surfaces with ideal properties
Easy to use, and designed with ergonomics in mind

It's that easy with the Powershot S

Load your cleaned parts into the basket

Choose program

Walk away 10 to 15 minutes and grab a coffee

Your parts are surfaced and ready for the coloring


“Stratasys Direct has processed more than 16,000 parts through DyeMansion’s Polyshot system in less than six months. With the Powershot S, we can provide smoother powder bed fusion parts in half the time of our previous methods.”

Maricarmen Senosiain-Villalon, Product Manager at Stratasys Direct Manufacturing
Powershot S

“The Powershot S has significantly improved our MJF parts surface finish and overall quality. It proves a high output, automated solution to superior surface quality. The Powershot S has helped to set us apart from our competition – delivering high quality consistent finished black MJF parts.”

Edward Graham, VP Additive Manufacturing at ProtoCAM
Powershot S

“We have superior surfaces with PolyShot Surfacing. That was proven when we approached our customers with injection molded parts, and they said they liked the PolyShot surface even better.”

Konstantin Brunnbauer, VP of Production at ProGlove

DyeMansion Powershot S

Whether beginner or advanced learn more about our PolyShot Surfacing solutions.

dyemansion-icon-product-polyshot-surfacing-powershot-s-outline@1.5x Powershot S dyemansion-icon-product-polyshot-surfacing-powershot-s-performance-outline@1.5x Powershot S Performance dyemansion-icon-product-polyshot-cleaning-and-surfacing-powershot-dual-performance-outline@1.5x Powershot DUAL Performance
Print-to-Product workflow Surfacing Surfacing Cleaning & Surfacing (2 in 1)
Automation Automated processes & manual loading Automated processes & auto-loading Automated processes & auto-loading
Connectivity Systems with basic intelligence (on-site) Integrated for digital factories (2-way-communication) Integrated for digital factories (2-way-communication)
Cycle time 10 to 15 minutes 3 to 15 minutes 3 to 15 minutes
Capacity per run E.g. up to 3/4 EOS P396, 1x HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200 or close to 1.5 full-sized Stratasys H350 build jobs E.g. up to 1x EOS P396, 1.5x HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200 or 3x Stratasys H350 build jobs E.g. up to 1x EOS P396, 1.5x HP Jet Fusion 4200/5200 or 3x Stratasys H350 build jobs
Effective volume 26 l | 6.8 gal 55 l | 14.5 gal 55 l | 14.5 gal
Rotary basket or Multi-Belt Rotary Basket Multi-Belt Multi-Belt
Dimensions 1700mm x 1310mm x 2030mm | 66.9inch x 51.6inch x 79.9inch 1630mm x 2205mm x 2097mm | 64.2inch x 86.8inch x 82.6inch 1630mm x 2205mm x 2097mm | 64.2inch x 86.8inch x 82.6inch
Compatible 3D-printing technology SLS, SAF, MJF, HSS SLS, SAF, MJF, HSS SLS, SAF, MJF, HSS


Experience the finish – live & in color

PolyShot Surfacing

With just the Polyshot Surfacing, your product gets, semi-glossy surfaces and achieves high scratch resistance and soft haptics which is the perfect basis for coloring.

Before After

PolyShot Surfacing & DeepDye Coloring

The surfacing provided by the Powershot S already makes your product ready for the consumer, but it’s also the basis for our DeepDye coloring which takes your parts to the next level.

Before After

360° VIEW

Take the Powershot S for a spin

Get a closer look at all the features that make the Powershot S so unique.


Material agnostic

Premium look

Cost effective

Protect your textures

Powershot S

Material agnostic

Our proprietary PolyShot Surfacing (PSS) is non-abrasive and works perfectly for rigid materials like PA12 or PA11 across all geometries.

Premium look

The Powershot S enables high-end surface quality. Improving look and touch characteristics for all applications.  

Cost effective

With a cycle time of only 10 to 15 minutes and the capacity of a mid-sized build job per run, the Powershot S works very cost-effectively. Unlike time-consuming abrasive methods like tumbling, PolyShot Surfacing increases your productivity and part quality significantly.

Protect your textures

With PolyShot Surfacing the details of your part stay on your part.

Up to

0 %


10x faster than vapor polishing. 30x faster than tumbling
faster than other surfacing technologies
Trusted by
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companies worldwide

Up to

0 %
reduced surface roughness 

Smooth your parts
in 10 minutes

Feel free to test our PolyShot Surfacing solutions with your own parts.



Fields of Application

The Powershot S enables new applications









Powershot C


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State-of-the-Art Surfacing | What current technologies can achieve on powder bed fusion parts

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