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The right post-processing technology is key to unlocking your applications with Additive Manufacturing. We are here to help you find the right finish for your needs. We aim to deliver the best services for our customers and partners. Discover the services that we provide along the way and how they can benefit you.
You are curious and want to experience our finishes live and in color? Try our technology on your own parts. It is always best to see it with your own eyes. It is even better if you can directly witness the process together with the experts at every step of the way and experience the beauty of our post-processing solutions during our Live Benchmarks.
For smaller orders, single pieces or if you can’t cope with your volumes during production peaks, we can step in for you and offer our finishing solutions as a service as well. With a fully equipped inhouse Print-to-Product workflow, in both of our locations – Munich and Austin – and an unmatched color palette we are your ideal partner of choice to finish high-quality end-use parts.

Achieving reproducible, high-quality results requires a deep understanding of the technology and the processes involved. Our Application Consultants support you every step of the way so that together we can realize the full potential of combining your technologies with our Print-to-Product workflow.

To provide service excellence on all levels, we are constantly developing and expanding our service offerings. Our experienced service technicians support you globally and during the entire product lifetime. Onsite or remotely, we are always there for you.
You have an individual color wish for your parts? We can match your wish and develop the color you need for your material and finish. Corporate colors, skin tones, Pantone colors and more.
Your central point for all digital services at DyeMansion, providing you with more efficiency, machine availability and profitability of your Print-to-Product workflows.
Any open questions about our services or processes? Our FAQ overview might have the answer or get in touch with us.

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Our Technical Service team covers you throughout the entire product lifecycle. Let us know how we can help.

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