Technical Services


We have you covered through the whole product lifecycle

For you to achieve minimal downtime and maximum performance of your DyeMansion machines, we are constantly developing and expanding our technical services. Our experienced service technicians support you globally and during the whole product lifecycle. On-site or remotely, we are always there for you to ensure your machines are running smoothly. Our technical services range from installation & maintenance, to troubleshooting & repair.

“The service team at DyeMansion is super easy to work with. Efficient and pedagogical from beginning to end.”

Marcus Axelsson, Application Engineer, AMEXCI



No matter if remote or on site, our Technical Service team will install your DyeMansion machine quickly & efficiently.


Regular maintenance of your machines is serious business! Why? This helps reduce unexpected downtime and ensures the quality standard you want for your parts. You should maintain all your systems once a year.

Troubleshooting & Repair

Do you have an issue with one of our products? We have you covered. Our Technical Service team is here to find the right solution. From identifying the issue to performing troubleshooting and repairs – remotely or on site.

Enablement for Resellers

We provide Technical Enablement training and coaching for our certified resellers, to ensure that they are also capable of providing the best possible service for their customers.


If you need assistance or have any questions about our services, please contact us at


The beginning of a beautiful friendship

Installation is always the first step to successfully start working with your DyeMansion machine. Our service technicians or qualified DyeMansion partners will ensure a proper commissioning and set-up of your machine to ensure a smooth production start. This can be done remotely or on-site.


The backbone for consistent quality

Keeping your machines in top shape ensures your ability to consistently achieve top-quality post-processed parts. We recommend maintaining your systems once a year. You are a customer already and would like to get in touch?

Extends your product lifecycle
Ensures consistent quality

Easy to maintain in 1-3 working days


We are there when things get serious

In the unexpected event that requires the intervention of our technicians to bring your machine up and running again, our qualified technicians are here for you to help solve any issues you encounter.


Technical enablement for resellers

If you go through our Technical Enablement program for Resellers, you will be trained and equipped with the needed knowledge, latest updates, and tools to perform maintenance, installations, and repair of your customers’ DyeMansion machines.

Any questions?

We have compiled frequently asked questions and answers around our Technical Service in an overview.

How can we help?

Our Technical Service team covers you throughout the entire product lifecycle. Let us know how we can help.

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